Tinder is banning under 18s - previous limit was 13


Tinder, a dating app, has now decided to ban its user under 18 years of age after concerns have been raised regarding the underage use of the app and the subsequent negative effects.
From next week onward all the users with ages less than 18 will be blocked, previously anyone with age 13 having a Facebook account could use the app.

Tinder is banning under 18s - previous limit was 13

This ban was announced by a spokesman of the company stating that the company has its responsibility towards its users and after review of their policy; it has decided to discontinue its service for kids under the age of 18. According to company’s data less than 3 percent accounts will fall under this change act and will be blocked.
Previously Tinder has its rules that children below 17 couldn’t talk to people above 18 but it was not successful in properly implementing its own regulations, for which it can under a lot of criticism.

Tinder has announced this change which is appreciated along the IT circles and also by the parents, but it has not mentioned how it will make sure that this time the policy is implemented effectively.

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