Popularity of Snapchat; how to keep a check on your child


Snapchat is a new social media network which has gained immense popularity among the young generation. It is used to share moments with friends. The picture or video shared stays only for one day. People use it to share all kind of things without having the fear of being judged.

Popularity of Snapchat; how to keep a check on your child

Snapchat gives a more personal experience than Facebook. This is a positive thing, but some people use it in a negative way. It creates a strong Social Engagement Loop unlike text messaging. When a photo/video is shared, the recipient receives a push notification; bringing them back to the app.
Snapchat reduces mental barriers. Not everything deserves to be permanent, things shared on Snapchat are temporary and exists for only a moment in time, reducing inhibition to share.

Why do parents want to keep a check on Snapchat Activity
Most of the parents might not be aware of the use of this new application, but it has gained a lot of popularity among kids. Parents want to be aware of their child’s activity. Snapchat is the most convenient medium of sexting. Snapchat allows users to send a picture and this picture will be automatically removed from the recipient after a few seconds. OwnSpy will track Snapchat multimedia messages so that parents can see what their kids are sharing and this way keep them safe.

You may not know what Snapchat is but your kids will use it for sure. Snapchat is very popular among young people, and it is broadly used for sexting.

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