Methods of catering to the Negative impacts of social media on children


Social media is embedded in our lives; we cannot imagine our lives without these social media websites. Children excessively use social media to talk to friends, share their memories, keep updated and communicate. Mostly social media sites are logged in from cell phones. Today’s smartphone have made it really easy to access the social media networks by one click.

Methods of catering to the Negative impacts of social media on children

There are many risks and drawbacks of excess use of social networking sites. Following are the drawbacks of excess use of social networks:
Children face Facebook Depression
Facebook Depression is the term that defines the depression among teens and pre teens from excessive use of social media sites such as Facebook. Parents try to minimize this depression by determining a time table for the use of cell phone. The question arises that how can parents make sure the timetable is being followed by the child. Own Spy is there to help. Parents can use Own Spy to keep a check on child’s phone. they can easily determine the number of hours the social network was used through Own Spy.

Children might involve in Sexting
Many teens indulge in Sexting. Sexting is a term defined as; sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs, or images via cell phone, computer, or other digital devices. Many teens involve in such activities of sharing inappropriate pictures. The question arises how parents can check the activities of their child. Parents should take help from cell phone spy software such as Own Spy.

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