Cell phone Usage rules for children


Nowadays children consider it a need to possess cell phones. Cell phones are considered as a status symbol, they are needed by teenagers to get accepted among the peers. They are not only used for the purpose of text or call, but they serve as a device to constantly remain updated to social networking sites, access friends through whatsapp, update about their status, activities and interests.

Cell phone Usage rules for children

Parents have many concerns related to cell phone usage, a lot of questions come to their mind when they allow the child to possess personal phone. Few of them are:

• How will we monitor?
• How much time should be allotted for cellphone usage?
• How to make sure that child is not using the phone for a wrong purpose?
• How to make sure that the child does not consider your monitoring as invasion of your privacy?
• Should there be any limit to the number of days a child is allowed to use cellphone?

The questions are very genuine, and the concern of parents about the cell phone usage is also justified. It is advised that instead of not giving children the cell phone, it is better that you provide them with cellphone but determine some rules of usage.

Parents can determine some rules that can help them monitor and manage their child’s cell:

• Don’t give them high-tech phones initially; give them basic phones on which they can listen to phone call, write text messages, play some games.
• Fix the number of text messages the child can send in a day and the duration of calls that is allowed.Many cellphone companies allow you to determine the usage limit.
• Set the time of the day when the child is allowed to use the phone. Set rules that the child cannot use cellphone during school time and while studying. Cells should be kept aside during dinner time and family functions. Child should not be allowed to keep the cell phone with him at night.
• Show the child that you trust him, inform him about the dangers you feel related to cellphone usage. Discuss the implications of wrong company, wrong calls and other intrusions which can become a problem for the child.

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